Alexandre Birman Snakeskin PointedToe Loafers Quality From China Wholesale ALKJT

Alexandre Birman Snakeskin Pointed-Toe Loafers Quality From China Wholesale ALKJT
Alexandre Birman Snakeskin Pointed-Toe Loafers
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The discussion immediately changed from us removing it to surfacing the action as a usability improvement. If we didn’t have concrete data to inform us of this decision, it would have been like building a product in the dark.

Tareq: For higher level problems, we discuss our major focuses as a team with the PMs. This is when we set up our pods. Like I said, the best part of pods is knowing what the team is focusing on.

At this stage we discuss the biggest opportunities, what we think of competitors, and where we want to be. It’s exciting because it’s a really transparent way of discussing our roadmap and building our product strategy together.

Tareq: Absolutely. Startups often use the term “Total Addressable Market,” and we do something similar—it’s around the impact within our app that we called “Total Addressable Userbase.”

For example, if a designer were to suggest that we put a helpful tool tip in an area to educate users about a feature, my first question would be, “Okay, but how many users actually get themselves in that state to begin with? What’s our total addressable userbase with this feature?”

The designer would then look up the numbers and, more importantly than just numbers, they’d see what types of users go there. Are they new users? Power users? How can we best serve people in that situation?

All of this starts with data and then leads us to questions using qualitative means.

Ran: Start with one single question for your next feature. It’s easy to try to do too much and get discouraged and overwhelmed.

Just start with one thing you’re curious about today. It can be as simple as: How many people are using this feature every day/week/month? Then choose which metric will give you the closest answer to your question.

Once you get your first question answered, it’ll likely trigger many more questions you want to ask. Now you have momentum.

It’s also very helpful to read up on product analytics so you get ideas on what types of analysis other people are doing. The Amplitude Retention Playbook is a great place to start!

Tareq: Think of data as another source of information. Qualitative information like user studies and interviews is one type, and data is another. They both need to be synthesized to be helpful.

So I recommend someone start by really asking what they think they don’t know. Then talk to users. And then see if what users have said is also reflected in the data.

Start a data trail by asking related questions such as, “Is this true for new users? What about for power users?”

Once designers start doing that, they realize that there’s no one time for using data—rather, it’s something that should be used all the time, just like any sort of feedback, based on what questions the designer needs to ask and answer.

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