KnitSpeaker is an exciting app for knitters.  This unique, patent-pending, app makes following complicated pattern repeats easier because it will READ the steps of the repeat to you at a pace that’s right for you. No mistakes, no losing your place, no forgetting your next step.   More…


Anyone who knits knows what it is like to follow a complicated pattern repeat understands this:  You read the directions trying to remember as much of the row’s steps as possible.   Then you must take your eyes away from the directions, look at your hands, and do what you remembered from the directions….until you run out of memory.  Then you have to look again at the directions….find where you left off….and try to mentally retain another set of steps.  Frustration happens when you always have to refer to the directions again and again, and endure the nagging possibility of making a mistake. 


The patent pending KnitSpeaker app makes knitting better because it is as if someone is quietly reading to you the difficult-to-remember, complicated, series of steps of your stitch pattern. Take a few minutes to input the stitches and rows of your pattern repeat to save hours of constantly referring to the stitch directions on the page.  Enjoy increased speed, efficiency, and that trouble- free feeling.


It is easy to use KnitSpeaker. 


•Name the project and identify the yarn used, weight of yarn, gauge, needle size, publication, and any other notes you may need as a reference or information to return to a project previously entered.


•The next screen allows you to simply select the steps, which are commonly used abbreviations (k for knit or p for purl, etc.), followed by the number of stitches involved. (select K and align 2 to enter K2)  by aligning the number with the step. 


•Press the check button to enter the step and the number of stitches involved.  It will appear in the Row 1 line.


• Place the amount of time you think you need to do the each step by inserting the + from KnitSpeaker time-spacer button.  Your pattern entry might look like this: 

(k2++++, P4++++++++ yo++++, k2tog++++++). 


•Continue to input stitch by stitch, row by row of your pattern stitch repeat. 


•Each step you choose has a voice recording linked to it so you can listen to each step while you knit.  Each + represents one second and you can adjust how many seconds you need at any time.


•To check your repeat for row 1, press Read Row, and you will be able to follow your text with your eyes and hear what you selected to confirm that you have selected the steps of your row correctly. Make any corrections and continue with remaining rows of the repeat.


•Play Pattern.  Get out your knitting needles, inspiring yarn, and your headphones.  Press Play and Listen to each step of your pattern as well as see each step displayed on your device.  Stop anytime to adjust the speed, stop to answer a phone, and resume knitting. 


•Glossary is available to define abbreviations with a written description and photos.


For support, please contact, sign the guest book for information updates and leave a message.


Watch for patent pending KnitSpeaker Charts and patent pending CrochetSpeaker. for Apple and Android platform mobile devices.



KnitSpeaker opening page.
Enter your pattern information here.
Enter and edit your pattern instructions. Then, hit play to have your instructions read to you at the pace you choose.
An example of a glossary entry.